Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Giver

There is a synergy that rarely stands still
when you are near.
You understand me as though a
tree connected to its roots,
always working toward nourishment.

Language needn't define what is
felt simultaneously, for what is true
stands so without justification.
There is a vibrancy you inspire,
Such that I gladly give up my precious solitude
to share space with you as a gift to myself.

We beckon peace together in quiet surrender,
allowing Healing to come.
In readied posture we sit silently...
until we have forgotten her presence
as she is now a member of our family.
She is our teacher, like a child in joyful wonder
and we have grown together simply to return.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013



I found you while dreaming 
In an unexpected form.
You had the markings of a king 
And a heart full of honour.
Your skin was broken with battle wounds,
Your head fell heavy with pain.
I stood before you knowing that a champion 
Would rise, it was as though a crescendo 
Was building all around you. 

I stood and drank in the next
scene awe-struck
As angelic hosts ministered to
Your flesh, lifting your step
Into a bounding jig.
With your face to the sky you fell
Into an ecstatic weeping/smiling encounter.
It was as though a light was emanating
From your spirit - colours bursting
Into the room Pollock like, exuberant.

I found you while dreaming
In your truest form
You have the markings of a king
And a heart full of honour.
Awake now I see you, joy-filled,
Compassionate, playful.
I see you, a friend of God, restored,
Delighted to give of your overflow
My champion, my friend, my love.